NiGHTS into Dreams

In their dreams Elliot and Claris have seen NiGHTS, a being capable of flying freely through the sky and performing the trickiest of aerial acrobatics. But what is NiGHTS? A spirit? A memory? Whatever he, she or it is, NiGHTS plays an important part in the upcoming battle with the evil Wizeman. – Eng manual

Once Wizeman’s right-hand, Nights was born a first-level Nightmaren. A crazy-ish sort of Nightmaren right from the beginning, Nights is a free-willed individual who doesn’t listen to anyone—this has caused them to be on the receiving end of Wizeman’s curses and evil doings. Currently, Nights is being confined within an Ideya palace in the Night Dimension. As opposed to other Nightmarens, Nights possesses great flight capabilities, as well as the ability to shape-shift at will. As a first-level nightmaren, Nights is also able to dualize with Visitors. – JPN official site, via Neriede

Sega Saturn Magazine

NiGHTS is another you within yourself. it is a living thing that lies in your dreams. Therefore he is neither a man or a woman. He’s a little frightening but always has a cute face. He’s that kind of character. he’s a hero that will help anyone in the world we live in, this time Elliot and Claris, who because they can’t summon up the courage to face their fears, who because they can’t summon up the courage to face their fears are set upon by nightmares in their dreams. He’s a hero who exists in the hearts of everyone.


NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

NiGHTS enjoys flying freely through the beautiful skies of Nightopia. Full of curiosity, NiGHTS loves anything new or unusual. When Wizeman, the evil ruler of Nightmare, attempts to take over Nightopia, NiGHTS is compelled to help Will and Helen fight back and restore peace to the land.