Nights into Dreams

Reala is one of Wizeman’s closest henchmen. Like NiGHTS, he is a tremendous flyer. However, he has a cruel and brutal personality and is NiGHTS’ number one rival.- Eng manual.

Wizeman’s current right-hand, and one of the few First Levels created, along with Nights. With cruel cold-heartedness, Reala serves Wizeman with absolute loyalty. Possessing the same abilities as Nights, their completely opposite personalities has stirred up bad blood between the two of them. They both mutually consider the other to be their rival. – JPN Website, via Neriede.


NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Reala is one of the First-Level Nightmarens created by Wizeman. Unlike NiGHTS — who is free, graceful and cheerful — Reala is obedient towards Wizeman the creator, as well as dirty, cruel and insidious. As a symbol of loyalty, Reala wears a Persona mask given to him by Wizeman. Reala acts as the leader of the whole Nightmaren force.