I’m probably over-thinking it but I’d imagine aggression and stoicism are pretty highly prized in Nightmare, humans are considered pretty lowly and values tend to operate along not being “like” the humans.

Imagine though, because Nightopia is basically the exact opposite, NiGHTS learns that people are kind, starts to trust, starts to care. NiGHTS hasn’t stopped smiling since.


There’s an interesting parallel in that NiGHTS was often drawn with starred makeup that essentially served as it’s “persona.”,never called that of course, but the symbolism of NiGHTS having an identity forced on it was there. It’s not exactly a leap to consider a simular idea,but starred makeup was apparently also drawn in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams concept art, so it’s not a coincidence. So, thanks again fandom

A mask might have been used to seperate the idea a little more, and I would admit it’s a  a bolder statement. Buuut, makeup is far more fitting to NiGHTS’s design and makes it mirror Reala much more effectively, hell in NiD concept art NiGHTS has makeup that matches Reala’s, which funnily enough was probably ditched partly because it made it looked “marked.”


Update: I’ve added an official art section with some desktop backgrounds.

They’re fun games and I enjoy the concept greatly. I find NiGHTS itself pretty cute (in mannerism as well as appearance) even if it’s not the best written character out there.

I also see NiGHTS as someone who came through adversity to get where it is now,NiGHTS was created a slave in the literal world of nightmares, that doesn’t sound like grand time. NiGHTS represents freedom, or more specifically, breaking free, finding your true self and rejecting the mask forced onto you by others.

In case you haven’t caught on, I see NiGHTS (and Reala) as genderless.